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Welcome to SedPell!  Our focus is to provide the best seed coating equipment available to the industry today.  Our goal is to continue to do the same by being the leader in technological advancements. 

We offer a wide selection of rotary coating equipment in various sizes, with different levels of automation.

Our rotaries also come in four sizes 14, 24, 30, and 36 inch models.  There are three basic control options. 

  •  DB Database model.   Stores unlimited recipes, that can be used for everything from filmcoating to pelleting.  Recipes are stored on a server PC
  • STD  Standard model.  Stores three recipes,  that work great for filmcoating and encrusting.
  • MAN Manual model.  Operated manually, works great for use in the lab, or for manually creating pellets.


In addition to our rotary equipment we offer powder feeders, peristaltic pumps, and we are developing a new line of dryers, and screeners.

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